The Distortion of God’s Image

Episode 2 June 01, 2021 00:44:25
The Distortion of God’s Image
First Baptist Owasso
The Distortion of God’s Image

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Chris Wall • Chris Wall • James 2:1-13
Though there are many relevant examples to use when articulating the impact of the fall, the sin of partiality is a pertinent focus for today. Of course, it is normal to question whether man can be like God after the fall, but Scripture confirms that even though man is sinful, there is still enough likeness to God that we are naturally moved to honor every life. In fact, the New Testament confirms this in James 3:9 where it says that men generally, not just believers are made in the likeness of God. However, since man sinned, moral purity has been lost and sinful character remains a struggle. Man struggles to reflect God’s holiness and begins to allow corruption to run rampant. Sin corrupts intellect, speech, worldview and relationships. Sin causes selfishness to replace love, pride to reject humility, and partiality to diminish generosity. Sin causes the Imago Dei in humanity to become distorted. When God created man, His creation was very good (Genesis 1:31). However, the fall distorted the true nature of man causing a battle with partiality. Thankfully, the fall was transformed by Christ but still James 2 reveals continuous battles with our old nature and our tendency to look down on one
another ignoring the “royal law” of God.

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