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We exist to love all people to Christ and equip them on their journey with God and one another. We believe Jesus Christ is the hope of the world and the church is His plan for sharing that hope with the world. Every week, from the Owasso Campus, we explore the Word of God to strengthen our faith, draw near to Him, and deepen our love for one another.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. Advancing The Kingdom

    Chris Wall • Nehemiah 1-2 ESVGod is faithful to advance His Kingdom in the world and invites us to join Him in the process. It is important to pay close attention to the pattern we see in both Ezra and Nehemiah. Ezra began with the re-building of the temple ...


  2. A Clear Look at Repentance

    Chris Wall • Ezra 9-10 Repentance must become our loudest praise. Ezra 9-10 is a difficult passage that must not just be casually read with a 2021 mentality. The ending of Ezra paints one of the most beautiful pictures of repentance. The sad truth is that every one of God's people ...


  3. Faith Required

    Chris Wall • Ezra 8 Seeking the Lord helps us recognize how God’s hand moves for our good. When God’s people repent, it is remarkable to see how God brings His blessing. In this passage, you see God’s people coming with a heart to seek the Lord. There is fasting. There is focus. This ...


  4. Revived

    Chris Wall • Ezra 7This passage points to the revival of God’s promises. Boy, do we need a revival regarding the promises of God. Coming back to the Scriptures and standing on them with passion, purpose, grace, love, and faithfulness is a key as we move into a changing ...


  5. Back to the Word

    Chris Wall • Ezra 5-6 ESV Have you ever had a setback in life? This is exactly what Israel experienced between chapters 4-5 in Ezra. In the moments of setback, God is working to empower his people to put into action who they are in Him and what they know they ...