Episode 8 July 24, 2023 00:45:55
First Baptist Owasso

Jul 24 2023 | 00:45:55


Show Notes

Chad Balthrop • Isaiah 37:5-7

This world is full of trouble. Family is complicated. The nation’s misguided. Even in success, anxiety is high. When people stand against you, and everything’s uncertain. Where is the hope? These must have been the thoughts of Hezekiah, King of Judah. By the Assyrian army’s brutal hands, Hezekiah witnessed the destruction of Israel. Judah would soon be next. Sennacherib, the Assyrian King, defied God and threatened conquest.

An overwhelming army. Insurmountable odds. The last tribe of Israel. Where does a king turn? Hezekiah remembers. He walks in the way of his forefather, David.

Some trust in horses. Some in chariots. But we will trust in the name of the Lord our God.

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