Connecting to God's Word

Episode 3 January 16, 2022 00:42:28
Connecting to God's Word
First Baptist Owasso
Connecting to God's Word

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Chris Wall • Revelation 2:18-29 ESV

Our church works diligently to understand and live by the Word of God in every area of our lives. Following Jesus is not just a part of our lives. Faith drives everything we do. The church at Thyatira wanted to love everyone but made the mistake of drifting away from truth. To avoid that trap, one of our core values is connecting God's truth to our daily lives. God is faithful to use His word to help us navigate every challenge in every environment. 

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Pastor Chris Wall • Colossians 2:1-10 Paul was a good shepherd of God’s people. Every shepherd will be required to fight off some wolves that come in for an attack. Over the next three weeks we must take some time and fight off some wolves attacking our flock. In the Christian life, we never stand still. We are either moving forward in spiritual growth or slipping backwards into spiritual apathy. Every believer is an open target for the enemy to attack but those believers who are slipping into apathy will find themselves exposed to the enemy. One of the ways to prepare is to know the word. The greatest offense is a formidable defense. In Ephesians, God gives us armor to protect ourselves while providing only one offensive weapon; the sword of the Spirit. The first part of this passage moves us to a powerful foundation of God’s word as preparation for the spiritual attacks. We cannot miss this as we prepare for the warning to the church at Colossae. ...


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Chris Wall • Colossians 1:1-8  The core of Christianity is the gospel. The heart of every gospel centered Christian is urgency and clarity with the gospel message. This year, the leadership of First Baptist is asking you to join us to recommit to sharing the gospel where we live.  Our 2021Gospeladventure is to build a missionary mindset in our lives. Every believer is called to be on mission (Matthew 28:16-20)  The people of First Baptist have an expanding mission in Spanish and English. We have an expanding mission from the inner city of Tulsa to the expanding suburbs and surrounding towns. The question before us is whether or not we will accept it. God wants to involve us in His mission. And as our loving Heavenly Father, He has given us everything we need to accomplish it.  Epaphras sets an example for us as he was given strength in every situation, power by the Holy Spirit, while being faithfully surrounded with passionate, committed, and capable Believers who stood ready to fulfill this mission with him. ...