Measure Up

Episode 5 September 18, 2023 00:37:35
Measure Up
First Baptist Owasso
Measure Up

Sep 18 2023 | 00:37:35


Show Notes

Chad Balthrop • Revelation 20:11-15

Would you rather be judged by the worst thing you did on the worst day of your life or the best thing you did on the best day of your life? Is it ever possible to really measure up?

It’s true for everyone. When I’m wrong, I want mercy. When you’re wrong, I want justice. There is a Righteous Judge. He delivers grace, satisfies justice, and makes all things new. Judgment is coming. For Believers, every wrong will be redeemed, and every right will be rewarded. For those who reject the Redeemer, every wrong will be revealed, and every wrong-doer will receive their just reward.

Are you ready? Justice will be satisfied in you or at the foot of the cross.

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