The Let Down Promise

Episode 1 August 08, 2023 00:39:36
The Let Down Promise
First Baptist Owasso
The Let Down Promise

Aug 08 2023 | 00:39:36


Show Notes

Chad Balthrop • John 3:1-21

Did you hear? With this new exercise program, you’ll lose weight and look better! This new vitamin will make you feel young again. This new side hustle will give you more money and more time for more things. This will solve all of your problems. Follow my new program and upgrade to YOU 2.0.

You’ve heard the sales pitch. You’ve tried everything under the sun. Yet the upgrade to the life you were promised never leads to lasting results.

In a private conversation with Jesus, a Jewish religious leader sought answers to questions just like yours. Jesus' response was unexpected. You can’t build a better you. Leave behind what you think you know. The solution you seek will only be found in a transformation so radical that you are born again.

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