Humanity in the Image of God

Episode 2 May 25, 2021 00:43:23
Humanity in the Image of God
First Baptist Owasso
Humanity in the Image of God

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Chris Wall • Genesis 1:26-28
Man, out of all the creatures God made, can claim to be made in God’s image. As stated earlier, the fact that man is in the image of God means that man is like God and represents God. Of course, the Hebrew of Genesis 1:26-27 refers to something that is similar and not identical. Man in many ways represents God. The Scriptures tell us three things about human creatures: (1) Humanity is made in the image of God; (2) Humanity is intended to rule over other earthly creatures; (3) humanity is made male and female. In fact, every human person’s identity is determined by the reality described in Genesis 1:26-28. As a follower of Christ, our fundamental orientation is established in the fact we are made by God to represent God in the world.

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