Submission in a Marriage - Wives

Episode 3 June 06, 2022 00:49:51
Submission in a Marriage - Wives
First Baptist Owasso
Submission in a Marriage - Wives

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Chad Balthrop • 1 Peter 3:17 ESV

A meme is a picture, video, or piece of text shared over and over again that communicates an idea or feeling that people have together. Memes illustrate moments for people when words just aren’t enough. They can be funny, serious, or pointed. In Scripture, some principles are so rich in meaning that God paints multiple pictures to help us understand the significance of His desire for us. Submissiveness is a quality of character that God celebrates and invites every believer to practice. Through a series of pictures in Scripture, God helps us understand the strength and confidence that comes when we submit to Him. Is it possible that submission helps marriage last a lifetime as we magnify the gospel story together?

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