The Empty Tomb

Episode 4 April 18, 2022 00:35:04
The Empty Tomb
First Baptist Owasso
The Empty Tomb

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Chris Wall • Luke 24:1-8 ESV

These ladies went to the tomb expecting to complete the grim task of preparing the mutilated body of Jesus for a proper burial. Approaching the tomb, shock and amazement took over as they discovered Jesus was no longer in the grave. He is Alive. This morning, let's walk into this first resurrection moment working to experience the risen Lord who continues to move powerfully in the lives of all who believe in Him.

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Chris Wall • Luke 2:22-35   Christmas is a joyful time of the year. But before the joy of Christmas can truly be realized, one has to confront the warning of Christmas. Christmas brings hope, joy and salvation causing people to know lasting peace and strength. The Christmas message leads to stability in this world resulting in a literally rising to heaven on the last day. But this same Christmas message causes others to a literal fall in this life ultimately leading to their spiritual death due to rejection of the Savior. The real truth question that this sermon will allow us to confront is whether or not Jesus will be YOUR rise or YOUR fall. I pray this is a day when someone comes to know Christ as their Savior. At the same time this will be an evangelistic message, it also provides an opportunity to reveal the dangerous call God’s people have received. The Christmas message is not safe. It is not comfortable. The call before us results in a gospel adventure causing opposition at every turn. The Christmas message is effective but remains an offense to the world. We have to lead our people not to be offensive, but, prepare for a world to oppose Christ every step of the way.  ...


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Chad Balthrop • 1 Peter 3:17 ESV A meme is a picture, video, or piece of text shared over and over again that communicates an idea or feeling that people have together. Memes illustrate moments for people when words just aren’t enough. They can be funny, serious, or pointed. In Scripture, some principles are so rich in meaning that God paints multiple pictures to help us understand the significance of His desire for us. Submissiveness is a quality of character that God celebrates and invites every believer to practice. Through a series of pictures in Scripture, God helps us understand the strength and confidence that comes when we submit to Him. Is it possible that submission helps marriage last a lifetime as we magnify the gospel story together? ...


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Chris Wall • Isaiah 9:6-7 ESVOur church and community are still in the throes of navigating unusual tensions and growing uncertainty. With this in mind, the simple prayer – “Lord Remind Me” of Christmas is incredibly powerful. We are living through a time when people are searching for lasting hope. The message of Christmas is the exact opposite of a hopeless message. It is a devastating thing to be hopeless. As human beings, we are wired to be forward looking. This is a natural thing for all human beings. God reveals to us in Ecclesiastes 3:11 that God has woven a sense of eternity into the heart of all people. Lasting hope is discovered through the story of Christmas. It is this reason; God is using His word to “Remind Us” of both the meaning and the call of Christmas. The miracle of the birth, life, death, and resurrection of Christ remains the focal point of human history. It is also the most significant expected surprise for humanity. God came in the flesh humbling Himself providing salvation to people from every tribe and tongue. Jesus came at Christmas to seek and save the lost. Salvation is every person’s greatest need. Jesus entered the world to save ALL who would come to Him. This Christmas, I am praying: “Lord Remind Me” of the reason you came into this world. ...