A Financial Trip

Episode 3 October 21, 2021 00:43:33
A Financial Trip
First Baptist Owasso
A Financial Trip

Oct 21 2021 | 00:43:33


Show Notes

Chris Wall • Nehemiah 5 ESV

Nehemiah Chapter 5 is quite surprising when you put this passage into
context. God's people had just banded together to rebuild the Walls of Jerusalem in under two months cooperating in masterful ways. Next, a new threat arises coming against the people of God and it comes from within. We see up close and personal there is a bad way to use wealth and resources provided by the Lord. When we disregard others to gain more for ourselves, we miss the entire point of God's blessing in our lives. Nehemiah helps us see there is a good way to steward resources while being generous to others advancing the Kingdom of God. God's people tripped financially in Chapter 5 providing an incredible lesson for us as we live life together during difficult times.

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