One Party at a Time

Episode 3 February 12, 2024 00:43:59
One Party at a Time
First Baptist Owasso
One Party at a Time

Feb 12 2024 | 00:43:59


Show Notes

Chris Wall • John 2:1-11

Jesus and his disciples have been invited to a wedding. Jesus’ mother seems to be
involved, so it may be a wedding of a family member or friend. As they arrive, the host
faces a terribly embarrassing moment, he runs out of wine. In this first century culture,
this is a really big deal. To run out of wine is an insult to everyone attending. Jesus
loves his mom and she knows he has the power to fix this problem and in this situation,
he chose this situation to offer his first earthly miracle revealing His glory and helping
the disciples believe. Do you see His Glory in the ability to transform this world? Do you
believe in Jesus?

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