One Step at a Time

Episode 2 February 05, 2024 00:41:20
One Step at a Time
First Baptist Owasso
One Step at a Time

Feb 05 2024 | 00:41:20


Show Notes

Chris Wall • John 1:43-51

God is faithful to prepare every heart for His Spirit to work. The work of God is not up to
us, hence, it is the work of God. At the same time, God invites us to join in with Him like
Phillip and Nathanael. The Lord is clearly calling us to “follow Him” living as faithful
ambassadors for Christ. We can be confident in this call because God is faithful to work
before us, through us, and after us. Philip was faithful to witness to Nathanael. In a
similar way, you have been chosen to follow Jesus. You are being transformed by
Jesus, and you are called to call others to Jesus. Are you growing as a faithful and bold
witness with the gospel? Your walk with God is a remarkable example to the remarkable
work of God. Don’t miss it!!!

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