The Right Kind of Greatness

Episode 2 March 08, 2021 00:43:46
The Right Kind of Greatness
First Baptist Owasso
The Right Kind of Greatness

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Chris Wall • Mark 10:32-45

In Mark 10, Jesus is boldly and bravely on His way to Calvary. Think of the weight of the moment. Jesus is confronting the reality of becoming sin for all humanity. Holy God, becoming sin. It is a statement that comes off of our lips but the magnitude of it is difficult to comprehend. In all honesty, as human beings, there is no real frame of reference to understand COMPLETE HOLINESS. One day we will see it. Jesus with intensity and intentionality revealed in this moment that he was headed to the cross. He told them in advance but for some reason when it actually happened, the disciples were completely surprised by it. This lack of expectation is curious especially when you read Mark 10:32-45. Jesus flat out told them as they were walking to Jerusalem, “I am going to die, be buried for three days and then I will rise from the dead”. He just said it, in plain English. Ok, He said it in Greek. But still, it was a clear resurrection encounter. Sadly, those closest to Jesus completely missed it. They missed the moment because their mind, focus and hearts were on self rather than on the Savior.

Imagine the frustration as Jesus revealed such an important truth that was about to take place only to hear the disciples start to fight about who could sit at the right and the left of Christ. They completely missed this resurrection encounter. How often have we missed God’s resurrection encounter because our focus was elsewhere? Jesus told His disciples the truth but they were in no place to hear it. Right now, we should ask ourselves, are we paying attention to the resurrection encounter that is right in front of us right now?

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