The Two Responses

Episode 3 March 16, 2021 00:36:49
The Two Responses
First Baptist Owasso
The Two Responses

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Chris Wall • Matthew 27:62 - 28:15

Seconds after Jesus proclaimed from the cross, “It is Finished”, remarkable
things took place. Immediately there was an earthquake. The sky grew dark. In the temple, the curtain was torn from top to bottom. Dead people came out of their tombs and went to see their friends. This was not a normal day. It was not a normal crucifixion. It was supernatural. In fact, it was so remarkable, Matthew reminds us of one of the guards who said, “Surely this was the Son of God.” (Matthew 27:54). Things were so crazy, the Chief Priests decided to post some guards at the tomb but they did not just guard it, they sealed it as well. Then it happened. It was a full blown resurrection encounter right in front of their face. Matthew tells us there was another violent earthquake but this one was followed by an unsealed tomb, some women who came to tend to Jesus’ body, an announcement from the angel of the Lord and some completely freaked out soldiers. They encountered the resurrection which moved the ladies to joyfully tell the disciples while moving the soldiers to run to the wrong leaders. The disciples eventually embraced the resurrection and were changed by it. The soldiers listened to the leaders who missed the miracle of the resurrection. Today, there are many who encounter the resurrection and experience life change. Simultaneously, there are others who try to silence
the news. Where are you? Do you accept or reject the resurrection? The question of eternal life really is that simple.

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