UPRISING in Tough Times

Episode 4 February 03, 2021 00:38:34
UPRISING in Tough Times
First Baptist Owasso
UPRISING in Tough Times

Feb 03 2021 | 00:38:34


Show Notes

Chris Wall • Colossians 1:24-29

We live in a world that does not understand the value of suffering. I
realize that in the midst of suffering, it is often hard to recognize value, but Paul often reminded us of the value by rejoicing in difficult times. Paul’s enemies likely made a big deal of the fact that this great leader was writing from a prison cell. But Paul turned this weapon around and used it to help the church recognize the power of God in the midst of his suffering. Amazingly, we can rejoice in suffering because Christ provides strength in the midst of afflictions and in the midst of ministry. The road of ministry is not an easy
road. Every believer is a minister of the gospel. However, the miracle of following Christ is not that He keeps us from tough assignments, but that He walks with us through every tough assignment. God did not call us to easy, He called us to ministry. Let’s fulfill that call at ALL TIMES, in ALL CIRCUMSTANCES, ALL OUR LIVES.

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