Warning - The Gradual Drift

Episode 9 November 30, 2021 00:45:22
Warning - The Gradual Drift
First Baptist Owasso
Warning - The Gradual Drift

Nov 30 2021 | 00:45:22


Show Notes

Chris Wall • Nehemiah 13 ESV

All through history, followers of Christ have experienced the consistent temptation to drift from the Lord. Every time this drift begins, God is faithful to get in our way. Over and over again, we are learning to respond quickly and gratefully to confrontation. It is best to respond with humility and repentance when God uses His
word or a brother/sister to confront us. We are also learning to boldly confront others, allowing God to use our lives to push one another to live faithfully. Our human story shows us confrontation will always be necessary. For believers in Jesus who have been born again, confrontations should result in humble repentance, sincere apologies, and strengthened relationships. Nehemiah 13 helps us see how to avoid drifting away from
the Lord.

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