Faith Required

Episode 6 September 21, 2021 00:47:56
Faith Required
First Baptist Owasso
Faith Required

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Chris Wall • Ezra 8

Seeking the Lord helps us recognize how God’s hand moves for our good. When God’s people repent, it is remarkable to see how God brings His blessing. In this passage, you see God’s people coming with a heart to seek the Lord. There is fasting. There is focus. This is an example for us regarding how to live. Living our lives focused on seeking the Lord produces a tremendous amount of fruit in our lives. Let’s lean into the example of seeking the Lord. At every point in our lives, it is critical for us to seek the Lord. As the people of Owasso’s First Baptist Church, turning our face to the next seventy-five years will require us to seek the Lord today so we can be ready for all that lies ahead tomorrow.

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