Becoming the People of God

Episode 5 November 01, 2021 00:47:11
Becoming the People of God
First Baptist Owasso
Becoming the People of God

Nov 01 2021 | 00:47:11


Show Notes

Chris Wall • Nehemiah 8 ESV
During the time of Nehemiah, God's people CAME TOGETHER to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem in 52 days. In just over two months, this group accomplished more than many communities of faith accomplish in a lifetime. How did they do it? The answer is found in the historic call of God's people: They CAME TOGETHER.
This “next to me” mindset repurposed their relationships and ultimately changed the world. Through these relationships they restored the city from rubble to repaired. These relationships provided security and safety against opposition as families became protectors of their community. These relationships gave tithes and forgave debts. These relationships provided the context for spiritual growth and commitment to the Lord.
When you step back and look at Nehemiah 8, this is the type of community you and I need in our lives. We need to be a part of a fully devoted, ever-committed group of people who are sold out to God's word and God’s purposes. God provides key people to play key roles in life to ensure spiritual growth. God is using His Word and the gift of our church family to help us live today as the people of God.

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