The Anatomy of Repentance

Episode 6 November 08, 2021 00:45:09
The Anatomy of Repentance
First Baptist Owasso
The Anatomy of Repentance

Nov 08 2021 | 00:45:09


Show Notes

Chris Wall • Nehemiah 9 ESV

The posture of repentance in Chapter 9 of Nehemiah is a big shift from the celebration that took place in the feast of Booths. It was right to celebrate
forgiveness and deliverance, now it is important to continue to stay close to the Lord moving forward. Nehemiah 9 helps us see the real anatomy of repentance. Repentance is both a one-time calling and a continuous call. When the Holy Spirit draws us, He keeps moving us and molding us into God's image towards a lifetime of continual repentance. Nehemiah 9 breaks this down and helps us see how to faithfully come to the Lord in repentance enabling us to remain close to the Lord day by day.

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