Peter's Moment

Episode 5 March 29, 2021 00:41:46
Peter's Moment
First Baptist Owasso
Peter's Moment

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Chris Wall • John 21:1-19

Peter and the disciples had encountered the resurrection of Christ. We
know that they had gone to the Sea of Galilee because Jesus told them he would meet them there. We don’t know why Peter decided to go fishing. Some claim he was just passing the time. Some claim he was just trying to earn a little cash. But most believe that Peter was contemplating going back to his old way of life. The sad reality about this choice for Peter is that when he went fishing, six other disciples went with him. Peter had already denied Christ and now Jesus finds him leading others down the wrong path.

It is not uncommon for a failure to lead to progressively failing. However, Peter’s resurrection encounter changed his trajectory. Resurrection encounters change your path. It changes your destiny. Perhaps it was Peter’s impulsiveness that was showing up again. Maybe it was shame for failing Christ. Maybe it was just a longing for an easier path, but would walking away from the Lord be easier? I think not. One thing that we notice in this passage is that Jesus was not recognized at first. Does rebellion cause us not to see clearly? Does failure cause us to disbelieve the grace of God? Regardless, what Peter and the disciples find is Jesus preparing breakfast on the beach.

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