Committed to Following Through

Episode 7 November 15, 2021 00:50:41
Committed to Following Through
First Baptist Owasso
Committed to Following Through

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Chris Wall • Nehemiah 10

All through history, God has established, maintained, and sustained a Covenant with His people. A covenant is a divinely imposed legal agreement between
God and man that stipulates the conditions of the relationship. In the Old Testament, people kept the laws of Moses in order to stay in a right relationship with God. After Jesus came, the Old Testament became obsolete because God's people were made right by the blood of Christ. (Hebrews 8:13) Even though we are right with God through Christ, the Holy Spirit calls us to a life that follows the Lord. Nehemiah 10 gives us a great picture of how the Holy Spirit helps us stay close to the Lord after we come to know Christ as Savior.

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