The Continual Next Step

Episode 4 October 26, 2021 00:53:28
The Continual Next Step
First Baptist Owasso
The Continual Next Step

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Chris Wall • Nehemiah 6-7

In our personal lives and our church, we need to recognize that we will never "Arrive". On this side of eternity, there will be more to learn about the Lord. There will be more prayers to pray. There will be more people to reach, more work to do, needs to meet, and individuals to love. We see in Nehemiah 6–7 that though they finished the wall, there was more work to do. As we embrace the call to be God's people, recognizing the clear tactics of the enemy while leaning into the life of Nehemiah will help us take our "Next Steps" as the people of God planted here in Owasso, Tulsa, and beyond.

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