Nunc Dimitis

Episode 2 December 14, 2020 00:43:25
Nunc Dimitis
First Baptist Owasso
Nunc Dimitis

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Chris Wall • Luke 2:22-35


Christmas is a joyful time of the year. But before the joy of Christmas can truly be realized, one has to confront the warning of Christmas. Christmas brings hope, joy and salvation causing people to know lasting peace and strength. The Christmas message leads to stability in this world resulting in a literally rising to heaven on the last day. But this same Christmas message causes others to a literal fall in this life ultimately leading to their spiritual death due to rejection of the Savior. The real truth question that this sermon will allow us to confront is whether or not Jesus will be YOUR rise or YOUR fall. I pray this is a day when someone comes to know Christ as their Savior. At the same time this will be an evangelistic message, it also provides an opportunity to reveal the dangerous call God’s people have received. The Christmas message is not safe. It is not comfortable. The call before us results in a gospel adventure causing opposition at every turn. The Christmas message is effective but remains an offense to the world. We have to lead our people not to be offensive, but, prepare for a world to oppose Christ every step of the way. 

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